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In a world that passes by faster than ever before, I believe we can all use a little guidance in living our lives joyfully while being in balance. Through the note we'll give you insight in the lives of inspiring women, try to guide you into a balanced soul, talk about lingerie and creating a moment of you-time by hitting pause. 


Luxury Lingerie for your every day

At Maison Nouvelle we believe that you can reach all goals you set as long as you're living towards them in awareness. We like to start by your lingerie. If you'll make sure you'll make picking your bra, panties or other underwear a tiny wake up party where you set your intentions, it will have impact on your performance and state of mind during the day. Why not try it out sometime? 

If you can't find your size of bra, panties or within leisurewear, you can always have something made in your sizes as we're specialised in custom made lingerie. Click here to read about our tailoring service or get in touch with our atelier at