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I don’t have the illusion of being a super organised human begin. Especially not when I look back to my younger years. I had an approximate bank card replacement of 12 cards a year - I lost it at least once a month - and my parents had to change their locks more than once when I wasn’t able to find my keys, again…


It is a fact that I improved my messy lifestyle, it doesn’t always look that way, but it’s now an organised mess - and I can live with that.


When someone decided to hack my La Maison Nouvelle Instagram account over the weekend, I immediately felt 10 years younger when I lost my keys. Still looking for them, being certain they should be somewhere, while my mom had already changed the locks of the front door.


Within a few days I moved on, changed all my passwords, launched a new instagram account and tried to get in touch with Instagram in whatever way possible while checking the ‘now-Russian-Hijacked-Instagram’ account every hour to make sure my profile is still there, parked under the name ‘7317vyxodike’….


My friend - who’s well informed in the ‘I’m hacked’ problematic, told me there are Five stages of grief and I laughed at him, I mean, it’s just social media right. But as the hours pass, I’m slowly giving in and found out that I indeed might have been in the staged of denial and pretty much ready for the next stage; where I’d like to skip stage II (anger) and like to continue immediately to stage III (bargaining).


And while I thought I had accepted the fact that LMN was hacked and I should take it as a sign refocus on all other important areas of the business, I still silently pray and wish that I’ll get it back. Just like I’m still checking every object with wheels to see if it is one of my bikes that got stolen over the years.