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We are here to create just thát little something that can make your day, every day. Those twinkling eyes when you watch yourself in the mirror while closing a perfectly fitting bralette. Or the smile on your face when he compliments you on your beautiful curves while wearing a bottom that conceals your slightly wide hips.

Therefore, we give you the opportunity to design ‘your perfect lingerie’, designed according to your preferences and tailored to your sizes. Choose between the most delicate laces, different closings, beautiful bows or subtle ties. The design is up to you.

We will explain the full process below. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to use the chat function underneath. We are here to help you find your personal style and the perfect fit for your exact shapes.


Select your model



What exactly are you looking for?

What is most flattering for your body shape; a bandeau or a bralette? Do you prefer some elegant satin in your top or a comfortable mesh? And what about the bottom; a fashionable high-waist or a pair of panties that suit any occasion? Pick your base model here and start designing now!

Any questions or do you need help? Don’t hesitate to use the chat function underneath!


Design towards your preferences



What does your new favorite look like? It’s up to you…

 We start by setting the colors. Bridal white on the most important day of your life? Sexy in black? Or a romantic powderish pink… Mix it with a different color satin & straps or keep it clean, as you wish. And what color hooks and slides do best go with that?

In the second part of the design you choose your style. Are you looking for a dazzling eye catcher or a comfortable under shirt item to wear all day? Make your decision about closings, bows and rings, straps and cup lining.

Any questions or do you need help? Don’t hesitate to use the chat function underneath!



Measure yourself 


We all have that one bra that fits you perfectly. The one you would rather wear every day... That is why we tailor our custom made lingerie to your sizes.

It is now time to take your measuring tape and follow the instructions to get your sizes in cm.

You can use the chat function below if you need any help with the measurements and we will guide you through. 

Would you rather be measured by one of our tailoring experts,  contact us at atelier@lamaisonnouvelle.co to get an appointment in the La Maison Nouvelle Atelier in Amersfoort.


Sit back and let us finish your favorite pieces


When we receive your order and everything is clear, it will directly find it's way to your personal tailor who will get in touch if he has any questions.

We start by drawing and cutting your design according to the right silhouette and sizes. We use high quality fabrics such as delicate French Chantilly lace and super soft chiffon which are checked for imperfections before used. The patterns are sewn together, straps and bows attached and the ends are nicely finished with the proper materials.

Every item of your order is handmade in The Netherlands. Therefore, allow us 2-3 weeks to have your design delivered to your doorstep.




At La Maison Nouvelle we believe you can find joy in being aware and care about the little moments in life. For example, the minute the delivery-man stands in front of your door to bring your personally designed pieces of lingerie.

Before each shipment we have made sure it will feel like a little gift when you receive the package. Now that is what we call me time...

You deserve the most beautiful pieces of lingerie that bring you these little moments of care and joy.

Therefore, we offer you a fit guarantee. If you follow our measurement steps the lingerie should fit you perfectly. However if, against all odds, the set is not as described or does not fit as expected please contact us at atelier@lamaisonnouvelle.co. Send the set back within 6 weeks and we will provide you with adjustments free of charge.