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La Maison Nouvelle | tailored lingerie

 At La Maison Nouvelle we believe in the uniqueness of all women. We think it is about time to give women the opportunity to design their lingerie exactly how they want it. At La Maison Nouvelle we love tailoring every piece of lingerie our customers create. La Maison Nouvelle believes that women deserve beautiful pieces of lingerie that are comfortable to wear. By tailoring them to your preferences and your own personal sizes, we are able to achieve this. Our tailors love the products they make and take great care with every individual piece. As a consequence it takes about 2.5 weeks from design to delivery. Starting off with bralettes and panties, we intend to change the lingerie industry as you know it!


As a result of her studies and courses at top fashion schools such as the Antwerp Fashion Academy and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Maaike Nieuwenhuis knows her way around fashion design. She developed her great love for elegant tailoring when she worked with one of the finest tailors in the Netherlands. And this made her start wondering why women didn’t have the opportunity to design their own wardrobes. As a result of this way of thinking, the concept La Maison Nouvelle was born.