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Every woman wants to feel at her best in her lingerie. By making the right choices and using the right tools, you'll be able flatter your silhouette. We'll keep you updated with the newest trends and how you can apply them in your lingerie drawer.



Transparent materials are this year's trend in the field of lingerie. Also nice: choose a semi-transparent bralette. This way you combine 2 trends in one and you have a playful, feminine, but at the same time sexy look.


Lingerie Trend No.1
The High Waist Slip

The high waist slips are very comfortable and flattering so you can wear them every day.These elegant slips are extra high (above the belly button) and have as a fine side effect a corrective effect on the waist. A high waisted slip emphasizes your curves (in a positive way) and makes your legs look longer. The slips will give you an elegant look and when you wear them in combination with a matching bra it will give you a sexy look. Perfect for any figure, we think!



Lingerie trend No.2
The Sheer Blouse

There's no business like showbusiness. Eventhough we might not all be able to walk in similar items and feel comfortable at the same time, sheer blouses is a big hit this season. Which is a win for us as we can legally show our bra's! Nude tones under black, black under white, or a ton-sur-ton, there are no restrictions. Time to step up your bra game and show some lace. 

the note lingerie trend sheer blouse lace bralette

the note lingerie trend sheer blouse lace bralette

trend: transparent bodysuit mesh nude

Lingerie Trend No.3

The Bodysuit

Bodysuits have been popular for a long time. But lately we have been focusing on the more luxurious ones. The aforementioned trends can all be found in a bodysuit: transparent fabrics, lace, straps... If your bodysuit is not too revealing, you could even wear it as a top with, for example, trousers or high waist jeans. A body is also a perfect item if you want to show just a little more cleavage or make a boring outfit a little more feminine. Don't have one in your collection yet? Go for a black version: this one is always good and timeless.