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By Maaike Nieuwenhuis

Januari '15, I quitted my day job and moved back to my moms (and her atelier) to jumpstart Maison Nouvelle. And even though it doesn’t feel like it, a lot has happened ever since. 

Building a brand by yourself without any budget is synonym for taking one babystep at a time, long working days and a mind that never rests. It can be extremly fulfilling but a drain of energy at the same time. Because in the end, it doesn't matter how much effort you put in to it, it's never enough. And while you're in the middle of the process, you don't see the progress. 

The moment I’m writing this, I'm one button click away from launching the new website. A number of fashion stores will launch our collection this season and I'm about to receive (my first!!!) stock of the full Les Classiques collection (so long, home productions by hand at home with my interns). I’m excited, exhausted but most of all grateful.

Grateful for your trust in the brand and your endless support in whatever way. Following our journey on socials, being our customer, sharing your love for the brand or by being a true ambassador.

With the launch of the new site, I took the opportunity to launch this online magazine; The Note. It's my translation of how I think we should all care a little more about ourselves. We bring you easy-to-read articles with inspiring women we admire, a little insight in what can help you to deal with stress & deadlines, a lot of lingerie talk and I'll share my personal findings every now and then. Structure left my life long time ago, so every now and then is the best I can do.

It feels like we're all losing ourselves in our busy lifes and the life of others (thank you social media...), without taking the time to know what we want and need. If we can change the life of a woman by sharing inspiring stories, my mission succeeded. 

However, in Holland we say: 'the tap is leaking at the plumber' and there's no saying as true as that. I take on way too much work and try to maintain a social life at the same time. Time for myself is last on my list. Let's stimulate and help eachother by sharing life hacks every woman need to know. It's why we implemented the comment section and I love to invite you to share your best kept secrets. It might change a womans life.

This weekend my sister brought fortune cookies and mine stated: Don’t be afraid to go slow, be afraid to stand still. And I guess this was the wisest lesson I've learned during 2018. You can only do so much a day while you have no notion of what you’ve achieved in a year. It's December, let's stand still, reflect and be aware for a moment of everything that was gifted to you this year. 

Celebrate the small things and big things will appear. Here's to new beginnings. And here's to you.

With Gratitude Maaike