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By Maaike Nieuwenhuis



With spring just around the corner, it's about time to get ready for what's coming. You might already have gained some energy since the sun started to show and Magnolia's are in full glory. I even started running when I was outside, and I ain't much of a running-kinda-girl. To you we present our Spring-Summer-Prep- Routine to get you all set for a glorious spring full of energy. 



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First stop: HABITS. As we all have them. Creating new habits is like spring cleaning; Out with the old, in with the new. Make a list of things you want to achieve this summer and work your way towards it. 

Recently I started waking up at 5.30 AM to spend my mornings on the things I'd like to achieve. Like writing articles for the website, learning to speak French and enriching my knowledge within art history again as it got a little dusty over the years. It's the greatest feeling when you realize that when everyone else is getting up, you just finished your first part of the day. My friend and I are following the program of Damn Early Days together, so we can stimulate eachother when we've lost motivation. 

During these early morning hours I keep my phone far away from me to be fully focused on the task at hand; it's a mobile morning detox to build in some discipline, focus and working towards goals that are important instead of endlessly watching stories on Instagram...

Another habit that will work it's wonders for you is preperation, as it will help you to actuallly go for it. Plan your next day the night before and make sure everything is set for you to go. Stuff your refridgerator with only healthy foods & if you want to go exercising, gather your items the night before to be ready to hit the gym.

It's the small things that can make your life a lot easier if you stick with them. 


If you're like me you might have created a winter-skin to survive those cold days in January. To get it there wasn't the problem, how to get rid of it is something else... Give yourself an extra incentive by
buying items that you need to squeeze yourself in to in order to fit, and which would definitely look better after spending some time in the gym. We've added a gorgeous nude to the Les Classiques Collection that will definitely get you ready for summer and back in shape! 

As for exercising I can only say: do what you love: if you want to run, run, if you want do a class; join a fit ballet class or Pilates or whatever you like and when you're short in time you can practice yoga at home. Most important is to make it fun for yourself and when you make it your habit, you'll fall in love with it naturally. 

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And last but definitely major: your skincare routine. During winter I've been feeding my visage with the richest and softest creams by hannah (as you might know by now, I swear by their products...). Even my lips were fed by their Full Lips Balm everyday (with some sidesteps to Chanel's Rouge Allure). Now that the sun is starting to show I'm all about SPF and I hope you're as well. My personal favorite is hannah's Juvi Protect with a SPF 30, after all, were talking about the face here. But if you like it a little less heavy they have their High Quality (SPF 15) that a lot lighter in texture but still protects you from the sun. 

And I wouldn't be me if there wasn't some Quality with thyself advice: Spoil yourself with the Cell Recovery Cream (as a cream or as a mask) after a long day at the beach. It's so rich that your skin can totally recover and you have your little moment of selfcare. 





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With Gratitude Maaike