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By Maaike Nieuwenhuis

Women. We all have our insecurities, our flaws and our falls. And for me it's my skin. It's been my struggle since 2011. I've seen tons of specialist but none of them was able to help me out. From beauticians, skin therapists, accupuncturist, homeopathic approaches, nothing seemed to work. 

Quite recently I've thrown my weapons down knowing that one of my greatest enemies was stress. And with my current lifestyle stress is a tough one to fight. But when I got in touch with the women behind hannah Skincoaches, I saw a ray of light and decided to give it one last shot. I was invited for the hannah Experience, a 1,5 hour treat that could be the start of skin improvement. And if it didn't improve, it'd at least bring down my level of stress for an hour or so.

And an Experience it was! My skin coach treated me with peelings, vitamin sprays and other (amazingly smelling) creams that are all in tune with my skin conditions (they 'measure' your skin levels to see what it needs...). Best of it all, the deep tissue massage that stimulates the blood circulation and gets rid of metabolic waste. They handed me a way to let go for a while and I eagerly took it. Not only was I more relaxed after, my skin was actually glowing. 

I've been spoiled with oils, lotions and other skincare to get my process started. And combined with a change in my foodpattern (I use to stuff myself with everything) and a little more rest during the day (my new skin routine takes at least 40 minutes a day - how's that for Me-Time...) I'm actually starting to see results. 

During winter our skins can all use a little extra something. Which is why I joined forces with team hannah to give you a taste of what they offer. All orders placed before the 1st of Januari come with hannah's Touch Of Colour. A little piece of magic that gives your skin a powdery feel and a flawless teint. And, best of it all, it adds just that little sparkle that we can all use during the festive season. (Read all about the product HERE)

We all have our insecurities, our flaws and our falls. And it’s ok. It’s time to embrace your beautiful soul and care for your precious body, you only have one. Are you fighting a similar battle and feel like your stuck? Know that you can always write me at I'd love to find a way together to help you out. Because I know how it feels.

With gratitude Maaike

hannah has skin coaches through the Netherlands. CLICK HERE to find one near you.


















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