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        ANNA LISS - From Outcast to Incrowd

There are some women that light up every room they enter; Anna Liss is definitely one of them. No matter how stormy the weather - both outside as in her personal life, Anna will always bring her little sparkle.

Anna Liss for Maison Nouvelle

For those who know Anna, know about her holistic approach to life. Greens, supplements, a lot of exercise but also healings in every spiritual way possible are part of your lifestyle. How did this lifestyle come to you? 
It's how my mom raised us. As a result I was the outcast at school. While other kids brought cookies to school, we had raw nuts in glass jars. What's now a trend is how we grew up. Our windowsills were filled with pots of barley & wheat and breakfast existed out of wheatgrass shots, nettle tea and buckwheat pancakes. Not even getting started on the pile of compost in the backyard...

I like to stay away from anything dogmatic so I am not going to preach about my healthy lifestyle. I also get drunk every once in a while and binge on a burger and chocolate. I am half American, my dad is from LA. And my American side is originally polish, italian and jewish. Our fridge was always full and we never had too little food for our guests. Everyone who came in the house never left with an empty stomach. Not your typical dutch family. I’m the same now with my own family and I like it.

One of the things you started with from an early age was SOLE, can you explain what it is, what it does and why everyone should use it? 
“You function best when you are are ‘alkaline', the exact opposite of when you’re acidified. Unfortunately we all acidify because of coffee, wine, sugar et cetera. You might even get it by stress, as stress acidifies both literately as figurative speaking. Sole is a source of minerals that alkalizes the body. Sole is the result of Keltic sea salt dissolved in water that you drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Sole does plenty of things to a woman’s body. Here’s why you should use it: it helps hydration, helps the body detoxify, it boosts your energy, creates healthy skin, hair & nails, improves digestions and has a ton of other benefits.”

Put 1/3 keltic sea salt in a jar and mix it with 2/3 filtered water. Store it in your refrigerator and start (and end) your everyday by adding a teaspoon of the mixture to a glass of lukewarm water. Try it for at least two weeks to see the results. 

How do you reach a state of Happiness?
“When I feel content with myself, when my creativity flows and when I face what I need to face”. Its not always easy to reach such a feeling. Especially in times where it’s more about surviving and getting through certain drama in your life. I think you always have to be open to soul searching and living in awareness. It’s way easier to stick to easy habits like holding on to your phone every second, filling your day with coffee while being lived by your agenda. These are survival mechanisms that in the end will only do harm instead of helping you further. I find it a constant struggle of pulling myself back in the here and now and finding (& keeping) my balance. My secrets are meditating and visiting a good coach or therapist. By pausing and focusing on just me I stand still by who I am, what’s going on and what I need at that very moment in my life.

How do you feel that the current social media trends are having impact on women's lives? 
I think social media influences how some women feel about themselves and their own lives. With some pictures that come by on Instagram some may think: She doesn't have those worries, she is really thin, at least she's living in a gorgeous house. I have seen it shifts their focus from everything they do have towards everything that's missing in their life. Instagram can be a platform where people show things that have little to do with reality or just doesn’t have to do anything with happiness like a big house, a bag or cool shoes, I wouldn't take it that seriously in that way. But there is a great other side to Instagram that I love and I think its brilliant. It’s a way to portray your brand, life and or philosophy in a certain way. And I can get inspired by it like I can by magazines, books or certain philosophies and beliefs.

You have quite some followers yourself, are you trying to be the counter act? 
Well, I’m quite small still. I'm trying to stay real. Everyone likes a beautiful round bum when you see it, but I think it can be just as beautiful with a little striae on it.

I'm in the middle of moving from a beautiful place in Amsterdam Zuid to a smaller apartment where I need to build my own little temple with way less financials backing me up. This process will definitely be captured in my vlog and on Instagram. I think women should also be able to identify themselves with things and get inspired at the same time. I’m not saying I don’t use filters cause I do. I’m a visual person, I love beauty so I am not going to pretend I’m insusceptible about it.

My main advice to women would be cut yourself some slack and don't let everything get to you. It's hard for me as well. I catch myself having this inner dialogue about it. When I focus on flaws like, ‘I did this wrong, this is not good enough, you need to do this and get this and this et cetera I need to step up as a mother for myself. I try to go away from the outer weel of life as I call it, away from judgement and perfectionism and try to get back into loving myself again. Which funnily enough can start by little things, like a nice long bath or hot shower, and asking myself ‘what do you need now to feel better, what do you really need’. The first answer is always an emotional one. The second.. lingerie and shoes ;)

Anna Liss for Maison Nouvelle







Anna Liss for Maison Nouvelle in Second Skin Slipdress








Taking the time to meditate is not always easy. That's why I go the reconnective yoga classes and meditation sessions to get me back into it. There's also plenty of apps you can use to get started with meditating. Don't force yourself into it but start wither small sessions like resting your mind for only 30 seconds. If that worked try 45 seconds et cetera. Good meditation sessions are immediately effective. It's as if you've had a facial. 

From a good dose of therapy to holistic coaching to Chrystal readings to healing sessions at the Dolfijn Wellness in Amsterdam, if you have the chance I'd advice everyone to do a healing session every now and then. It's the best opportunity to stand still and realize what you're feeling and what your soul and body needs.

A lot of women now-a-days focus on everything they don't have. They look at Instagram and see skinny women that probably used filters and apps like Facetune to look like that. I'd advice all women to look at what you have instead of focusing on the harm that's done to you or what's missing. Cut yourself some slack and live in the moment.



Time went by and Anna and I kept in touch until we met again for the shoot. We discussed how we gained too much weight and that we both weren’t able to keep our hands of the cookie jar. Nor the wine. Or cigarettes. I guess we’re all human in the end.