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Quality and luxury
Kepri sells the highest quality bed and bath linen, produced from the very best organic fibres. Kepri is for everyone who values ​​sustainable products, but also wants to enjoy ultimate comfort and luxury.




About Kepri
Kepri's history in textiles started long before Kepri was founded. As an international trading house, they developed a skill for finding superior and sustainable raw materials, which form the basis of their range. Kepri doesn't make concessions in this regard. From their absolute interest in respectful production processes of high-quality textile products, they show that sustainability, quality and luxury go hand in hand.



Quality and craftsmanship
Good workmanship guarantees quality, and that is very important to Kepri. We only use extra-long cotton fibers that are organically grown. Very fine threads are spun from these long cotton fibers, which give our sheets and towels their softness and flexibility. The pure and sustainable collection of linen bed sheets is produced from exclusively grown flax from Seine-et-Marne, the only location in the world where flax is grown in an organic way. Due to its refined processing, our Belgian bed linen belongs to the absolute top of quality.






With their sustainable products Kepri wants to contribute to the feeling of ultimate luxury and well-being in the private spaces of your home.





Kepri's take on sustainability
Kepri states that they can only really sleep and wake up feeling good, when they produce in a sustainable way with an eye for people and the environment. They strive for sustainability throughout the production process and the entire collection meets the very strict GOTS standards. Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading quality mark for organic textile products.



Perfect fit
Kepri's products are available in different sizes so that you are always assured of a perfect fit. At Kepri no one-size-fits-all, but duvet covers of 200 cm or 220 cm in length. The bottleneck finish on the bottom ensures that your down will always stay in place.


Kepri cotton bedlinen

With their high quality bed linen and towels, KEPRI helps you to turn your bed- and bathroom into a retreat in your own home.

Kepri's Belgian Linen is all natural and provides a comfort you never felt before. Cool in summer and extra warm in winter.

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