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Tencel bed sheets - Lavender (Lit jumeaux - 240 x 220 cm)
Tencel bed sheets - Lavender (Lit jumeaux - 240 x 220 cm)
Tencel bed sheets - Lavender (Lit jumeaux - 240 x 220 cm)
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Tencel bed sheets - Lavender (Lit jumeaux - 240 x 220 cm)

Coco & Cici

€ 249,95

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Bedsheet 240 x 220 cm
Pillowcases 60 x 70 cm 


These sheets are made for sleeping

These 100% Tencel™ bedsheets always feels fresh out of the laundry. The sheets breathes like no other fabric, so that you sleep well and wake up rested. The satin weave is also strong and the durable material retains its quality year after year.

The duvet covers are 100% vegetable, made from eucalyptus and beech trees and sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations. The fabric is super soft, strong, supple and has a natural luxurious shine.



About the brand

People often settle for sheets that actually leave something to be desired. Pretty weird, isn't it, considering how much time you spend in your bed? Coco & Cici is here to change that. During one of our long journeys we discovered the most enchanting material we had ever felt. This turned out to be the relatively undiscovered TENCEL™. The fabric exceeded all our expectations and turned out like bed linen to take our own sleep to a higher level. We now bring this ultimate sleeping experience to you.

About Tencel


The best sleeping experience is one without worries. That is why Coco & Cici consciously chooses TENCEL™.

TENCEL™ scores highest in general well-being when compared to synthetics and cotton, not only because it is soft and highly breathable, but also because TENCEL™ absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton and prevents bacteria build-up in a highly effective, natural way. way against. It is not without reason that research shows that the sleep quality of the majority of participants improved significantly under TENCEL™ bedding.

On average, we spend 32 years of our lives sleeping. While you sleep, your body recovers and recharges your battery for the next day. Creating the perfect conditions for a good night's sleep is therefore very logical. Perfect bedding is one such condition. And because TENCEL™ is not only wonderful to sleep under, but is also produced fairly and eco-friendly, we can sleep even better.

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