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Collagen Nespresso Cups
Collagen Nespresso Cups
Collagen Nespresso Cups
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Collagen Nespresso Cups

Butcher's Brew

€ 19,99

Product Details

  • 3.2g hydrolyzed bone broth/serving
  • 2500mg collagen/serving
  • 10 cups/box
  • 100% compostable cups

The benefits: 

Skin rejuvenation, immune support, joint health, high protein, convenience

About the product

The word 'collagen' is derived from the Greek word 'Kolla' which means glue... Collagen is the 'glue' that holds our body together. 

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen leading to a thinner, drier and less elastic skin. Bon broth is an efficient way to supplement with this important nutrient. 

Over 70% of our immune system lies embedded in our gut and when this becomes compromised, it can lead to more complex autoimmune deficiencies. 

Consuming the necessary nutrients, amino acids and vitamins play an integral role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. By supporting our immune system we arm ourselves with extra protection against infection. 

Bone broth also contains the amino acids, glucosamine and chondroitin both of which are found in our joints and cartilage. Studies show that supplementing with bone broth can alleviate joint pain and lessen symptoms of Osteoarthritis. 

The process

The word 'brew' originally comes from 'bru', meaning 'to prepare by boiling... 

 The process at Butcher's Brew follows an ancient practice. They start by simmering their sustainably sourced bones from grass fed cows for 48 hours to extract the maximum amount of nutrients. 

After simmering for 48 hours, the bouiloon is then hydrolyzed until a nutriet dense, dried product remains. 

To guarantee freshness and quality, Butcher's Brew produces regular smaller batches rather than storing their products for longer periods of time. 

The dried hydrolyzed product is then precisely dosed into single serve cups, sachets and capsules.

Butcher's Brew is neutral in taste so can be consumed on its own, or as a base for adding your own flavors, like mint, ginger, lemon, or even in your coffee. 

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